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Creating a sense of direction.

When there is no obvious way to go.

How we work

We learn
through listening.

Strategy work and organizational change are inherently local and contextual. Even more so in pluralistic settings. There are no universal recipes to be applied.
Thus, questions are oftentimes the better answers.
Or at least, they are clearly the better starting point to understand your challenge.

The organisations we work for


Public organizations are similar to private organizations in all less relevant aspects. Structures, processes, budgets, and so on. But they differ substantively in important aspects, namely their context, autonomy to define their mission, mandate and goal as well as their value proposition.

In turn, the political context, the legally defined mandate and goal as well as the need to provide public value impacts their strategy work and organizational change.

Some public organizations we have worked for:
  • Cantonal government and agencies
  • University hospital
  • Children’s hospital


  • Oxford
  • St. Gallen
  • Bern


Not-for profit organizations strive to accomplish a distinct social mission. To make a difference for beneficiaries or a specific cause.

Typically, they take the form of a hybrid organization, i.e. an organization where a social welfare logic is combined with a commercial logic, for instance due to the need to raise funds in a competitive market. Adhering to both logics shapes their strategy and change context.

Some NPOs we have worked for:
  • International children’s rights and relief organization
  • Philanthropical impact investor foundation
  • Healthcare training & development foundation


Private, or for profit, organizations primarily aim at profitable growth. And yet, to align and synchronize value proposition, market position, strategic capabilities and competences remains a major challenge.

Moreover, private firms increasingly acknowledge their social and societal responsibilities which also renders their strategy work and change management more demanding and complex.

Some private organizations we have worked for:
  • Rare-disease focused pharmaceutical company
  • Global rail solutions provider
  • Fintech software innovator

Gaining structural support

Exemplary projects


  • Developing a corporate strategy for growth and development in a non-governmental organization
  • Developing a business strategy for a health service provider to support patient self-management
  • Developing a collaboration strategy for an academic service partnership between a graduate school of health and a cantonal hospital
  • Developing a corporate strategy of public agency concerned with forestry and conservation


  • Maintaining and developing a corporate culture during step-change growth
  • Exploring and developing a corporate culture across international sites
  • Designing and delivering workshops in a variety of settings and organizations
  • Orchestrating dialogue and collaborative inquiry when the problem is not clear yet

Leadership development

  • Designing and delivering executive learning programs and sessions at Universities of Oxford, St. Gallen and Bern